Someday, maybe.

New year, trying this again.

Ok, I’ve had blogs in the past. I usually start them, post for a few weeks and then get too busy and they are forgotten. BUT, I’m going to try and stick with this one.

I’m interested in fashion, photography, and travel so this blog will incorporate all these things.

My style is simple and classic. I really love knits. Whenever I go into a store the first thing I look at are knits. I probably would be better suited to living in a cooler environment where I could get more use out of them.

One of my new years resolution is actually to stop buying so many pieces of clothing (I tend to buy items on a whim), and invest in better quality pieces that will last me longer. I’m also determined to cut my wardrobe in half.

Since this is the first post, I don’t have any photos yet to post so I’ll leave this Mulberry bag which I would LOVE to own but probably never will.

Mulberry The Alexa textured-leather satchel


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